Parents hope their children will be safe on the bus to school or on a school trip, but sometimes hope isn’t enough. A negligent school bus driver can cause untold amounts of alarm, heartbreak and mental anguish if s/he causes an accident as a result of negligent driving practices.

Parents, children and school administrators alike put their trust in a bus driver to keep children safe and to stay drug- and alcohol-free while on the job, but it would be a mistake to assume that all bus drivers are well trained, work a set amount of hours or otherwise always act responsibly when transporting children a short or a long distance.

Not all school buses are operated by government authorities on the state or municipal level, which maintain strict standards. Many are under the authority of private companies and are chartered to work for the school district. Companies that wish to make additional profits may ignore safety measures such as adequate training and credentials.

While there are regulations to protect our children, including rules for licensing drivers, how many hours can be driven each day and how many rest breaks are permitted, there are many ways in which a private company can flout the law. Some ignore the credentials of drivers so they can pay them less. The school bus driver may therefore not be as trustworthy as parents might think. If a lethal combination such as a poorly trained driver, long hours and unsafe weather conditions converge, a devastating accident could happen.

School bus accidents could be caused by a variety of factors, including:

If the unthinkable happens and a crash occurs as a result of any of these factors, a bus accident lawyer can help parents fight for justice and prevent such a terrible thing from happening to other children. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, it could have a devastating effect on your family.

The child will likely need to be treated, and may need to continue medical treatment for a long time. A bus accident injury in childhood could have lifelong consequences, including chronic medical conditions or mental disorder, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

When a child who is hurt has to take time away from school to recover, parents can also lose wages by taking time off work to care for the child or can face expenses if they instead choose to hire a caregiver. These expenses and costs should not be faced alone. An L.A. bus accident lawyer can provide relief for your family by going after the private company or government entity responsible for the school bus accident that injured your child.

A bus accident lawyer has the resources and connections to help determine what caused the school bus accident: was it a result of poor training? Did the driver encounter an unknown hazard in the road? Was the bus improperly maintained and malfunctioned, putting many lives at risk?

From accident reconstruction to determining the responsible party, an L.A. bus accident lawyer is a powerful ally in the courtroom for any family that has suffered as a result of a school bus accident. Hiring a bus accident lawyer to hold the appropriate defendants responsible for their actions which caused harm can prevent other families from experiencing the same terrible event.



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